RAS (Refuge and Strength) Outreach Online Parenting Tool’ is an opportunity for parents to stay connected with their children. RAS Outreach Online VIRTUAL FAMILY is an environment for a healthy parenting relationship.

Legal and mental health professionals recognize that loss of interaction with a parent can severely affect a child emotionally, developmentally, socially, and academically throughout the course of their lifetime:

Feelings of shame, guilt, rejection, anger, sadness and confusion
Increased risk of being involved in a teen pregnancy
Increased risk of being inthe volved with juvenile justice
Poor school performance including higher drop-out rates and lower grade completion
Increased use of alcohol and drugs
More aggressive, acting out behaviors

Thanks to modern technology, RAS Outreach VIRTUAL FAMILY give parents’ options to have quality time with their children, strengthening the bond between parents and children. There are six states that allow virtual visitation- Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Utah, Illinois and Wisconsin.

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